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JER. 33.3 (2052 hits)

JER. 33:3

Call...and I will answer: The prayers of God's people invite_and assure_God's response
(see Ps 3:4; 4:3; 18:6; 27:7; 28:1-2; 30:8; 55:17; 118:5. Great and unserachable: Unsearchable things you do not know: The Hebrew (with the change of one letter) for this phrase echoes Isa. 48:6: "hidden things unknown to you". As the rest of ch.33 demonstrates, the Lord will first judge his people (vv.4-5) and then restore them in ways that will be nothing short of incredible (vv. 6-26).

It is incredible whats happen when you seek the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness...you see things and situations around you change totally. He shows you the way, the direction. Do what He called you to do, let his will be done in your life...a righteous life.

What "the Lord's Kingdom and his righteousness". means? In the books of Ephesians, Thimothy, Galatians, etc teaches us how to live a righteous life. Today a lot of "christians" think that is normal to do what everybody else is doing, not living a life of santification, and this attitude makes me think of... Where are we going? Are we different from the others? It is our duty to give an exemple to the people around us how commited christians supost to be and live. COMMITMENT....How many of us really have a commited christian life?

What made me to think off all this and write it to you? The HOLY GHOST, after knowying that my bother's in law brother, a christian guy, just died in a car crash this week.

Some people think that once saved, always saved. So, Do you really believe that after all that God spoke about santification, that we are not from here...all that word is in vain? Do you believe that you just can get less than the others and not going to hell, couse you were saved by his blood once? I know that people have a different knowlege about the bible...and I am not saying that you are not right, neither wrong, what I am saying is...just talk with him, review everything...don't wait 'till be too late to discover it.

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Thursday, April 15th 2010 at 8:08PM
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